“ToeMatoe” “Tomato”, “Those Who Lead” “Leaders” – Big Difference!

“ToeMatoe” “Tomato”, “Those Who Lead” “Leaders” – Big Difference!

Nothing More Attractive Than A Great Leader With Great BELIEFS

Two Types of Leaders?? You are probably thinking yeahhhh right this guy of full of bull sh*t! But the truth is there are millions of types of leaders just like there are millions of types of people, or millions of types of fishes, or even millions of types of grass.

"ToeMatoe" "Tomato", "Those Who Lead" "Leaders" - Big Difference!

These “types” may have an ideal or stereotypical look or spunk to them, but deep down they don’t. The biology with in them is so different and so dense that they are spread into different categories or specific fields. This is where I come in to explain the two main types of leaders.

There are “Leaders” and then there are “Those Who Lead”. One type produces little or no inspiration or action, while the other produces MASSIVE INSPIRATION and MASSIVE ACTION that it may seem like Yellowstone blew up with the spread of spark and inspiration (Knock on wood for Nostradamus).

A leader is one that holds a position of power or authority. These Leaders may talk about their plans to end something or list the amount of reasons why something needs to come to a halt. Lets just say i am Anti-Anti Groups! Leaders may also be in it for the wrong “results” or reasons Maybe for the pursuit of riches or being a world icon and have everyone bow down to them like a U2 or Bon Jovi or Dave Mathews Band Concert (Would be pretty insane concert to attend I must say).

Don’t get me wrong these leaders may produce some results or even straight up completely succeed and get everything they want, but, it doesn’t happen too often. What “Leaders” want is for the wrong subjective reasons and in the long run will rub many people the wrong way.

“Those who lead” know money and being iconic will come because of the result or the ride BUT, it isn’t their motivation. What is their motivation, reason, or “why'”?? Those who lead want to change a course and create the unknown or unthinkable. They BELIEVE in a cause or something that gets them up in the morning.

Something that gives them Goosebumps whenever they envision the results. The first thing on their minds is NOT what kind of fancy car/s they will drive or how big of a house they are going to live in. They envision the result or the transformation that will happen because of their BELIEF and Massive Actions they took to make it happen!

Whether They are individuals or Organizations we follow those who lead not because we have to but because we WANT to. Think about when you have wanted something SOOO bad that you felt your life depended on it. An example of this that comes to mind is think about a little kid shopping with his mommy at the grocery store. He sees something he really wants.

So he tells his mom that he wants that, his mom says no. so instead he starts to WHINE, SCREAM, CRY:*-0 and throw everything all over the place! making a HUUUUGE tantrum scene, so big that everybody can see. I WANNNNT THIS!! WAAAHHH! Did he get it? Maybe he did. Maybe He didn’t. But that isn’t the point.

The Point is that he took Massive action to try and get what he wanted. He did all in his power to get what he WANTed. It may of not been the proper persuasion or disciplined way to get it. He may of not defined the why or need for the product he wanted. BUT the kid took persistent massive action rather than asking his mom once, getting rejection, and giving up.

Do you see the point I am trying to get through? Anybody REALLY is Powerful Beyond Measure!! as long as they stand up for those beliefs and GET UP even if they fall 2,3, 40, or 1000 times! That is what separates the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The ones that “Give up” and the ones that “GET UP”! The difference between “Leaders” and “Those Who Lead” is not as simple as you think.

The last quote I want to leave you with is from one of my favorite movies Into The Wild (Link to Buy on my blog BradSeid.com) “When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it.”

By   Andrew   Clapton

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