A Motivated Team Should Be the Quest of Every Leader

A Motivated Team Should Be the Quest of Every Leader

Who would want to be influenced and inspired by you as a leader? If you can’t answer this question then you shouldn’t be leading anyone. The answer to this question is really important to anybody in a leadership position because you can’t really do anything or be effective in your job unless your team members are motivated to perform at their highest possible level.

A Motivated Team Should Be the Quest of Every Leader

As a leader, you have to continually look for ways to engage your team, keep their enthusiasm and commitment to a high level. Your objective is to make sure that your team members apply their energy towards the goals of the business.

As a leader you must keep reminding yourself that people are motivated to do things in their best interest. This means that as their leader, you have to make the link between what they do on a daily basis and how this contributes to the goals of the business. You want them to identify their success with that of the business.

When you get to this stage, people will naturally apply all their energy to reaching their goals because they know it’s in their best interests to achieve them. In the process of doing this they are also aware that they are contributing an important part to the goal of the business. This makes them feel valued and increases their motivation to succeed.

Motivation is the factor that drives our behavior. Again, it must never be forgotten that our behavior is driven by the consequences of that behavior. In other words, we work hard towards our goal because of what happens to us when we reach it and we are successful.

Look at your own experience, where have you been the most excited about your work? For the majority of people that excitement comes from being involved with projects that were very important to them, projects which they felt strongly about.

Or projects where we believed we could genuinely make a difference and accomplish something for ourselves or others. This knowledge can be utilized by a leader. All they have to do is to help their team members to identify closely with the job that they’re doing. When this happens, their motivation will go sky high.

When was the last time you really thought about trying to motivate your team? As a leader this is your job but it is also part of the responsibilities of everybody in the organization. Creating a motivated team requires a little bit of knowledge plus a lot of thought and skill. Your objective should be to create an environment in which your team members are inspired to do their very best every single day.

By   Nathan  Dean

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