Repeat Traffic is the Best Traffic

Repeat Traffic is the Best Traffic

There is one thing that is certain is far as owning a website is concerned, in order for the website to do well, you’re going to need to have traffic coming to it. This traffic can come from a variety of different places which would include free traffic from these search engines, as well as paid traffic from a variety of different sources.

Repeat Traffic is the Best Traffic

Not having people coming to your website is like owning a store that nobody ever comes into. You may have it looking nice on the inside, but it is not going to stay open long when nobody is there to buy something.

That is one of the reasons why people spend an extreme amount of time getting new traffic to their website and trying to figure out ways in order to increase that traffic. Although it is important for you to make sure that fresh visitors are coming regularly, there is another factor that far too many webmasters tend to overlook.

The people that are coming to your website now have two different options after they are finished looking. The first option is to simply leave and a browse to another website, probably a competitors. The other option is to sign up for a newsletter so that you can contact them again, that is provided it is something you are offering.

Concentrating all of your efforts on getting new visitors to your website without paying attention to the people that are already there does not make good business sense. There are several different reasons why a repeat visitor is typically worth a little bit more than somebody who was there for the first time.

First of all, they have a certain comfort level because they are a little bit familiar with your website whenever they look at it. Second of all, if you’re contacting them regularly through an e-mail newsletter, you’re building a rapport with them and they get comfortable with you as an individual.

Now that you understand the importance of marketing to repeat visitors, how can you increase the amount of repeat visitors that you are getting? There are actually several different ways to do this. The first, and most popular way of doing so is to get them on a newsletter of some sort so that you can e-mail them regularly.

Every time you send out one of these newsletters, you will get a flood of traffic to your website and make additional sales. Another way that you can do it is by providing them with regular content that is compelling and of interest to your general audience. Even if they are not interested in signing up for your newsletter, they may stop back from time to time in order to see what you have written.

Although it certainly is important for you to make sure that you are getting regular new visitors to your website, make sure that you’re not neglecting those visitors and allowing them to leave, never to return again. By getting regular return visitors, you will not only increase your visitor statistics, you will increase your bottom line.
By Robert Holiday

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