A Great Leader Follows the Leaders

A Great Leader Follows the Leaders

The internet marketing business is a simple business that is deceptively difficult. Though it seems there is so much one needs to learn to be successful online, every leader will tell you that they became successful BEFORE they knew everything. Really one of the few things you NEED to know before you get started in internet marketing, or whatever your chosen business, is what the leaders do on a daily basis that most influences their success.

A Great Leader Follows the Leaders

Here’s a list of six things leaders say they do daily… how many are you doing?

Visualization and meditation on goals – This article assumes you know how to set defined goals. Now… imagine you are standing on the basketball court with a simple goal like shooting a basket. How easy is that to do with your eyes closed? Not very… you need to look at the goal, measure the distance mentally and have your mind and body work in unison to achieve the result you desire. See your goal clearly in your mind and know what steps you are determined to take to realize that goal.

Income producing activities – we get pulled in several directions everyday. Leaders have no more hours available to them than anyone else… they simply use that time for income producing activities. Learn to manage your time better to ensure you’re getting these activities in. Make a list of your tasks for the day and focus on the most urgent and important first. Make every minute count!

Personal Development – Leaders know that in order to make their lives better, as well as contribute to helping others to do the same, they must constantly work on making themselves better. There is no such thing as perfection… only striving for it everyday. Can you imagine a bodybuilder one day saying, “Man… I look perfect! I’ll never have to work out again.”? How successful do you think he is going to be?

Mastermind with other leaders – sharing ideas with a group of successful entrepreneurs will propel you to new heights of success at light speed. Ideas and techniques that may not have occurred to you will emerge in a group of creative minds and everyone will reap the benefits. Find your group and work with them regularly.

Take massive action – all the plans and masterminding in the world still requires massive action. Leaders go to bed each night asking themselves, “Did I do EVERYTHING I possibly could today?”

Endeavor to be a better leader – Mastering each of the above activities is crucial for this one. In addition, a leader also possesses a true desire to serve and has gleaned enough helpful information to show others a path.

So again, how many of these do you do everyday?

“Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

By   Andrew   Clapton

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