Avoid These Bad Leadership Examples

Avoid These Bad Leadership Examples

Bad leadership examples abound in the workplace and even in any organizational setting. Some leaders feel that the organization is their kingdom and that they are kings or queens whose whims must be followed to the letter! Bad leaders have a tendency to turn a good organization around and burn it to the ground. If you are in a leader in an organization leader, you better avoid these bad leadership examples.

Avoid These Bad Leadership Examples

The soloist. Some leaders just love to do things alone. They are highly individualistic and they don’t want to share the glory with anyone at all! They want to do everything and take the credit all by themselves. That way, the soloist leader can put his name on the shortlist for promotions as quickly as possible. There is nothing wrong in being individualistic. But if you are in an organization and in a team, working with other people is imperative!

The staunch critic. Some people are just too difficult to please! Do you know anyone who keeps finding the smallest fault with your output even if the overall presentation or output is great? There’s no pleasing some people. Their nicknames might have been “fault-finder.” While such faultfinders might convince themselves and others that they are just being the “Devil’s Advocate” to find out all loopholes, it does not excuse them from being too critical.

The Titanic captain. A ship going down is a ship going down. And usually, captains go down with their ship. If your organization is going down and your leader is not doing anything to turn things around, then be assured that he has given up hope and is willing to sink with the ship. In this case, you gotta yell at the top of your lungs and say “abandon ship!”

The missing-in-action leader. He is always away! When you need support and needs backup, this bad leader is nowhere to be found! He seems to have a penchant of disappearing at the right place at the right time! If you have this bad leadership example at work, then you bet that the organization is running on autopilot, come-what-may style!

The boss from hell. Who can miss the boss from hell?! Exuding beauty and confidence yet ruthless in character and in turning down ideas and concepts one after another. He or she cannot be pleased. His ideas are the best and should not be contested. They are sacred as far as he is concerned. He only cares for what you deliver and not for your situation. He demands everything you can give yet gives back rewards very minimally!

These bad leadership examples happen in the workplace and it takes guts to turn things around!

By  Lauren  Mathews

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