Are You Ready For Enlightened Leadership?

Are You Ready For Enlightened Leadership?

Are you ready for enlightened leadership? You may think you have top-notch skills, but becoming a truly enlightened leader isn’t something everyone can do. It’s not just a matter of talent–it’s all about a commitment to skills development and the proper mindset.

Are You Ready For Enlightened Leadership?

A Commitment to Excellence

The best leaders don’t reach that point accidentally. Sure, there are some people who seem to naturally emerge with that status from particularly challenging contexts, but in most cases truly fantastic leadership stems from an intentional effort to develop quality skills.

There are “good enough” leaders who rely on some natural talent and a little learning to do an adequate job. Enlightened leaders, on the other hand, reach that lofty height be concentrating on developing and refining their skills. The take leadership seriously and make a point of learning more about the topic and its underlying theories, combining that more academic information with intentional real-life experimentation and practice of the techniques.

In most cases, enlightened leadership isn’t accident. It happens for a reason–a commitment to excellence.

The Enlightened Leadership Mindset

Top leaders take a very different outlook toward their role and purpose in an organization than do most other people. They eschew self-promotion and are not focused on personal gain, notoriety or achievement. Instead, they practice what one could term “servant leadership.”

Enlightened leadership demonstrates a level of caring and commitment to the well-being of the organization and its members. That interest in how their efforts impact the lives of others takes precedence over self-interest. He or she wants others to achieve and is dedicated to goals that improve the well-being of others. He or she doesn’t have a great deal of interest in ego-promotion.

Are you ready to reach for that next level? If you’re serious about learning the craft and you are prepared to dedicate your efforts to improve the circumstances of others, you may have what it takes to become an enlightened leader. Enlightened leadership may not be for everyone, but those who have the right outlook, becoming a truly great leader can be incredibly rewarding.

By    Ella   Milton

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