Are You Practicing These Bad Leadership Traits?

Are You Practicing These Bad Leadership Traits?

Bad leadership can be very popular. Sometimes, even leaders and managers deliver results, they may still practice bad leadership, all because of the tenacity and dedication of the people working under them. Followers can deliver good results even and in spite of a bad leader. It depends, really, on the organizational culture of excellence and performance.

Are You Practicing These Bad Leadership Traits?

Yet, bad leadership, in the long run, will lead to bad performance in the organization. Are you practicing these bad leadership traits?

Micro-managing. Some leaders just want to put their hands into everything. They have already delegated some tasks yet when their subordinates start working on those tasks the best way they know, the bad leader steps in and tells them to do the work in a particular way that they want to. Micro-managing may give the bad leader a boost of ego and help him feel important. But it will simply be damaging to the strategy already devised by the worker.

Lack of delegation. The flip side of the micro-manager is the leader who fails to delegate tasks. He feels that he is superman, able to do everything given the time. This leader feels that he is God’s gift to the organization and that nothing will ever get done excellently if he does not do it. But the lack of delegation is nothing but bad leadership! When crunch time comes and this leader has not completed all the tasks he claimed for himself, he drives the organization to high gear and starts imposing all sorts of impossible demands to his team.

Getting the credit for himself. One of bad leadership traits is getting credit for oneself only. Even if it were a team effort, a leader claims the credits all by himself. The efforts, time spent and contributions of other team members get lost in the dazzle of the leader’s claims. This is a sure way to bring motivation and teamwork down. When the workers feel that they are not valued and that their efforts are taken for granted, they will continue working yet, without the passion and excellence that they could have given.

Too much criticizing. Constructive criticisms are good. But if there is too much criticizing at the leader’s office, there must be something wrong. Either the organization’s performance is way below average or the manager is just one big loser sitting in the leader’s chair! Besides, another question that must be answered is whether or not the leader is merely bringing up his self-esteem instead of helping his subordinates.

Bad leadership is a bane to organizations. Before long, it will take the life out of the excellent performance of any organization.

By  Lauren  Mathews

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