Hud Loan Modification Guidelines – Discover The Secrets To Success

Hud Loan Modification Guidelines – Discover The Secrets To Success

For anyone who is struggling to keep their home in these very difficult times, it must seem sometimes that all is lost. But is it? With the right kind of advice and strategy, no matter how bad your situation, you can save your home. Understanding Hud loan modification guidelines is one good way to start the process, and in this article I’ll outline the key areas that you should be concerned about.

Hud & Loan Modification

Hud Loan Modification Guidelines - Discover The Secrets To Success

The first thing we need to clear up is that Hud and Modification are separate things. Hud loans are designed to help a certain type of homeowner, usually FHA, whilst loan modification is deigned to help your more generic homeowner.

Hud Guidelines – In order to qualify for Hud mortgage assistance you must be at least 62 years old. You’ll also need to engage with a qualified Hud counselor, who will advise you on the types of loans/assistance that is available. These counselors also interface with lending institutions on your behalf.

Loan Modification Guidelines – To qualify for loan mod under the federally approved HAMP program, you must show that your monthly mortgage payment exceeds your monthly income by at least 31%. You must also submit a hardship letter detailing your circumstances and any steps, if any, have been taken to alleviate your troubles.

How Should You Proceed?
If you qualify for Hud advice counseling then, your next step is to consider whether or not loan mod is the best option for you. Your Hud counselor will more less tell you this, and once they do you should move to kick start the loan modification process.

If you are already ‘Hud qualified’ then the next step should be to approach a qualified loan modification company. This will ensure that the more cumbersome parts of the process, such as the hardship letter, are handled in an expert and efficient manner. Most companies can be found online, and the initial consultative part of the process is free, which is a great bonus.

There you have it! Sound information on the hud loan modification guidelines. The sooner you act the better, so start the process of saving your home today.

By  Ella  Mathews

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