7 Emotions You Must Use in Your Sales Process

7 Emotions You Must Use in Your Sales Process

Emotions fuel the sales process. If you are getting no results from your efforts, look at the ways and kinds of emotions that are in play when you are dealing with prospects. If there are NO emotions in play, this is certainly your problem and will show in your lack of results.

Use these seven emotions and watch your outcomes skyrocket.

7 Emotions You Must Use in Your Sales Process

#1. Enthusiasm – if you have enthusiasm for what you are selling, so will you customer. If you are lackadaisical about the service, so will your customer be. Enthusiasm for the dollars the sale may generate is not the same emotion, and your customer will understand this.

#2. Excitement – if you are not excited about the prospect of what your service or product can do for your client, the client will think that you are incapable of creating results.

#3. Sincerity – if you are sincerely interested and engaged with your client, you will be perceived as trustworthy, and on their side. Note: False Sincerity coupled with over blown claims kills more sales than it produces. Today’s customers come prepared with a built-in BS detector. See that you do not set it off.

#4. Fear – be sure to help the client uncover the emotion that is at the base of their desire to purchase. It will be some kind of fear – and most likely can be related to money, status, or personal aims. When you help them see this, and show them your solution, they are more likely to remedy the situation with a purchase.

#5. Pleasure – be sure to paint a picture or demonstrate in some way how pleasurable things will be when they choose your way out of their dilemma. Help them imagine, or try out, or hear about other’s happiness from using your particular answer.

#6. Relief – help them to see how finding the answer to their problem will result in feelings of relief. The amount of relief is not always in proportion to the size of the problem. A small pebble in a shoe can impact the entire body. So, a small but constant source of stress can, when eliminated, have a huge impact on a person’s life.

#7. Belonging – leave your client with the sense that they now ‘belong’ to a select group that was selective enough to use/ own/employ your goods or services. And that they are now a valued member of your customer group, and can expect excellent service and follow-up.

By    Leslie    Neal

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