Are You Mastering the Basics?

Are You Mastering the Basics?

One of the tendencies of many salespeople is to embrace the latest fad, technique or technology as their latest and greatest approach in an attempt to sell more; easier and faster. I can tell you that since I have been selling for over fifty years that I have seen it all. I have read the latest books, surfed the internet and attended more sales seminars than I care to admit.

Are You Mastering the Basics?

Having said this I can also tell you that we are not finished with the latest and the greatest that is still to come. Imagine for a moment that all selling one day no longer involves any human interaction at all but only using technology of some kind. All I can tell you is that I believe if this ever happens the profession of selling will no longer be the great profession that it is. Selling is one of the greatest professions of all time. You’ve heard it – nothing happens until somebody sells something to someone.

The basics that have stood the test of time and I believe will stand the test of time for years to come. Selling is a noble profession but only when the seller has a mindset of integrity, service and knowledge.

Many things have changed over the years in the sales profession but one has not. That salespeople who routinely embrace the basics tend to outsell their counterparts again and again.

In times of challenge, uncertainty and unrest this is the time to get back to the basics,

those techniques, concepts and approaches that no matter what work more often

than the latest fad.

Just what are the basics?

Let me ask you. Can you manufacture antiques? Can you reinvent water or air? You might ask what does water and air have to do with selling or the basics? They are a fundamental required for life. Eliminate either of them and life will cease to exist. They are basic requirements or components of life. Yes, many things can be re-invented, improved or modified but does this always make them better? No. Yes, some things can be improved with age, research and re-thinking but there are some things that just are and will always be so.

I love the story about Vince Lombardi. Every year he would start the first practice with a group of seasoned professional football veterans with the simple words, “Gentlemen this is a football.” He would go on to say that if they mastered the basics of blocking, kicking, tackling etc that they would win the day. Did they experiment with new plays, approaches, strategies etc? Of course, but the testimony to his success as a coach was simple. He insisted that each player master the basics.

What are the basics in selling?

The basics of selling are simple and straightforward and include;

– Maintaining attitudes that contribute to your enduring success.

– Prospecting for new business in ways that are effective and work.

– Have a sales process that is grounded in getting accurate information throughout the relationship.

– Giving customer focused sales presentations.

– Maintaining your passion, belief and persistence.

– Communicating with clarity and honesty.

– Creating trusting and respectful relationships.

– Managing the prospect’s buying tension level.

– Under promising and over delivering.

– Asking for the business.

– Servicing customers with integrity and commitment.

If you want to consistently sell more each year you must master the basics. Yes, you can experiment with all of the latest techniques and approaches but to ensure that you can weather any situation, economic circumstances or uncertain times, the only thing that will guarantee you last is your mastery of the fundamentals, the basics.

By  Daniel  Blare

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