Developing Your Authentic Selling Style – Does Your Sales Style Attract Or Attack?  

Developing Your Authentic Selling Style – Does Your Sales Style Attract Or Attack?  

When many people think of Sales, they immediately visualize a slick, aggressive and pushy salesperson who is just interested in getting you to buy whatever he is selling. They associate Sales with being ‘attacked’. This perception may still be accurate for only a minority as smart salespeople recognize that to be truly successful in both offline and online Sales and Marketing, it’s important to implement steps to attract rather than attack prospects.

Here are some things many of us have been guilty of in the past and what we’ve done to correct them, or what we should do. Keep in mind that these can be applied to both offline and online sales.

Developing Your Authentic Selling Style - Does Your Sales Style Attract Or Attack?

Introduce yourself and start telling what YOU do-what product or service you’re promoting. It’s important to get to know the other person first. Their name; sounds simple enough, but you’d be amazed how many people especially in offline situations do not ask for the other person’s name before they launch into their spiel.  Find out what the other person does and what things are important to him or her.

Keep talking, talking, and talking. Change that around to keep asking, asking and asking. I recently heard a speaker say that in every situation you should make your statements no more than 60 seconds in length then ask a question. Not only will you keep the other person involved but by asking questions like: How may I help you and your business? you show that you are genuinely interested in the person.

Once you have gained the person’s business you become complacent. Gaining the prospect’s business provides another opportunity to show that you value their association by sending Thank You cards, provide valuable information that relates to their business and continue to keep in touch. Because you asked, you will know what their needs are and find ways to fill those needs. Providing extraordinary customer service is one of the best ways to retain customers and clients.

Becoming unavailable and unreachable. Remember that your clients or customers have now become your business partners and so it would be in your interest and theirs to make it easy for them to reach you. Always assure your clients or customers that you are available to them if they have a problem. People sometimes become concerned that they may be ‘bothering’ you. Allow them to feel that they can always contact you and the methods.  Make sure they know that it’s your pleasure to be of service to them.

Developing your authentic selling style is essential to your growth as a successful salesperson. It really is a lot more productive to attract business to you rather than chasing people who may have little or no interest in the product or service that you are promoting.

By  Sofia  Carter

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