Business Marketing – How To Attract Customers And Keep Them In 5 Easy Steps

Business Marketing – How To Attract Customers And Keep Them In 5 Easy Steps

When people start a business, they are always struggling with 1 thing: How to attract customers.. and more important: How to keep them. Customers are important for the growth and wealth of your company. Without customers, failure is inevitable. So here are some tips to gain customers and keep them happy.

Business Marketing - How To Attract Customers And Keep Them In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Make a ‘Terms and Guidelines’. Let your customers know how your company works and what they can or can’t expect from you. Customers will buy easier when they know how the transaction works.
  1. Make a ‘FAQ’ page. The easiest way is to show your business to a few people that doesn’t know what the company is about and let him write down all the questions that pops up in their minds. Try to answer them as good as possible and publish them. This is good for several reasons:

– You won’t be contacted every day with the same question over and over again

– Customers will know the answer right away and they can instantly start buying instead of sending you a question and waiting till you will answer.

  1. Customer service! It doesn’t matter how good your product is, if you aren’t there for your customers, they will go away. It will always occur that customers have special questions. Make sure that you can give a response immediately. Because, there is nothing more irritating that waiting to buy a product you really want because they do not answer your question. If you cannot guarantee this, put together a staff that takes care of this.
  1. Use special offers. For example: discounts, freebies, etc. Why?

– It attracts new customers

– It keeps loyal customers happy

  1. When thinking of new ways to get more customers; don’t forget about the customers you already have. Keep them satisfied. Because people will believe what they say about your company (the good and the bad stuff) Also, if you do something special for the existing customers, new customers will see that you take care of them and it will be more likely that they will join too.

By  John Hester

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