Franchise Opportunity – Questions To Ask The Franchisor – #34

Franchise Opportunity – Questions To Ask The Franchisor – #34

Finding The Right Franchise

Whether it’s hamburgers, pizza, telecom, coffee, Internet, muffler parts, or seniors’ services, there are Franchise opportunities available to evaluate. There are great Franchise systems, good Franchise systems, and bad Franchise systems. The challenge is to ask the right questions to find the right system that will fit your goals and dreams. The key is to ask the questions – and listen closely to the responses. Only then can you determine if the Franchise opportunity is the right fit for you.

Franchise Opportunity - Questions To Ask The Franchisor - #34

So whether it’s food services like burgers or coffee, professional services like telecom or IT, or manual services like cleaning or oil changes, ask the questions and record the answers.

Who are The Competitors?

The Franchisor should have a good understanding about the competition, and how much market share they command. It doesn’t matter how big a market is if it’s completely saturated, unless the Franchisor has specific strategies to eat someone else’s lunch.

The Franchisor should be able to talk to you about specific competitors, what their strategies have been, what they will likely be in the future, and how the Franchise system intends to penetrate that market.

The Franchisor should also be willing to discuss the future competitor that may appear on the horizon. They may not be willing to disclose their specific strategies about dealing with that eventuality – at least not without erasing your memory after the discussion. However, a general discussion about the issue should give you some solace that they have thought about their approach, and that you feel comfortable with their preparedness.

Again, if the Franchisor is not sufficiently prepared to discuss current competition, as well as future competition, then warning bells should go off.

By  John Hester

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