Where Should You Send All Your Traffic To That You Generate?

Where Should You Send All Your Traffic To That You Generate?

For real newbies to the Internet marketing industry, one question they might be thinking is where to send all their traffic to when they generate traffic. This is a very valid question, and it’s one that has a lot of different, but correct answers, depending on the situation. But for the sake of this article, I’m going to assume the main reason of driving traffic is to grow your list of subscribers.

Where Should You Send All Your Traffic To That You Generate?

In this case, you want to send your traffic to a squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a simple web page that has one function and one function only… to convert the visitors to subscribers on your list. A squeeze page usually has a simple formula of offering something of value in exchange for their name and number, usually like a free ebook, a video series, a sample of a product, whatever.

The reason a squeeze page is ideal to send all your traffic to is that squeeze pages flat out work. Think about it this way. Let’s say you had a product to sell to people that retailed for $37, and that was how you were going to make money. Now lets say you drove 1000 people to a squeeze page and another 1000 people directly to the sales page where you sold your product.

Let’s look at what most likely would happen.

For the sales page, if your web copy was good and it converted well, you might expect to convert at 5%, which means you’d sell 50 units at $37 for a total of $1850. Not bad, especially if you could do that in a months time. Now you would have 50 people on your list.

For the squeeze page, a normal converting percentage would be 30%, so the same 1000 leads would turn into 300 subscribers. Now you don’t make any money at this point, but look at the big picture here. Not everyone is ready to buy today, but they might be ready to buy in a month. Plus, instead of 50 people to market to, you have 300 people to market to.

Let’s say over the next 2 months you do a great job of building a relationship with your list. In that time span, 25% of your list now likes you and trusts you, so they buy your same product. That’s a total of $2775 that you’ve made.

But there’s a bigger element at play here. You’re growing your list with more people, you’re getting more numerical buyers in the long run, and chances are very high you’ll have more repeat buyers this way than you would with just selling from the very beginning. The big picture here is that the money you make on the back end is far superior than making a quick buck now. That’s why a squeeze page is perfect for sending traffic to.

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By  Hailey  James

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