Put Your Site Traffic on Auto Pilot

Put Your Site Traffic on Auto Pilot

Do you own a company website or personal blog that has no visitors? The mantra “build it and they will come” not working? Here are three simple tips to help you build low-maintenance, organic traffic to your site.

1. Build your niche. Build a quality, unique site. Don’t aim your site at the general population, instead look to attract a specific group of the population.

Put Your Site Traffic on Auto Pilot

If you are a mechanic, aim at domestic, hot rod, rice burners or whatever niche that you find works in your area and with your experience. Set yourself apart! A great example that I recently encountered was on YouTube. I was recently trying to make some curtains for my son’s room and could not for the life of me figure out how to thread the bobbin on the borrowed sewing machine that I was using.

After searching I found that there were hundreds of videos about threading a bobbin, but only one video specific to the cheapo base model from Wal-Mart that I was using. This video was nothing earth shattering…just a straight-forward 45 second video of this specific model sewing machine that has probably been sold millions of times in the big box stores. This simple video had more hits than all of the previous generic bobbin-threading videos that I had viewed.

2. Give away your “good” content for free. Let’s face it…people love free stuff. You take your old, worn out sofa and put it out on the curb with a “free”sign and before the day is over you’ll see someone backing their pick up in to get it. You go to a conference or workshop and you’ll take all the free pens and pencils that the instructors or vendors can throw at you.

People just love free stuff! However, to get word of mouth or viral traffic, your free stuff should be quality. Mediocre giveaways will get you some visits, but quality giveaways will get you both new and repeat traffic. If you are a web designer, give away premium, professional grade themes and templates. If you are a blogger, give away informational e-books. If you own a bricks-and-mortar business give away deep discount coupon codes.

3. Get others to advertise for you. Make your marketing strategy mimic a snowball rolling downhill or a ripple in a pond that continues to spread outwards…make your advertising campaign grow on its’ own. This can be simply accomplished in several ways. Two of these avenues are affiliate marketing and viral marketing. Firstly, you can create an affiliate program specific to your business. Basically, you create an affiliate program and people sign up to be “affiliates”.

These affiliates to out and try to create leads, sales or recruit more affiliates. They are rewarded for success by you through commissions, membership privileges or whatever you choose. Secondly, a viral marketing program is one that spreads like wildfire own its’ own. Usually this because your campaign contains humor or extremely useful information. A great example is the “Wassup” commercials that were released by Budweiser a few years ago. Even non-drinkers were talking about the brand and it’s commercial.

TV shows were doing spoofs of the commercial, people were saying the tagline to their friends and other businesses were trying their best to copy the campaign. All great for Budweiser.

As you continue to try to grow your site’s traffic remember these three simple steps. You will see your site steadily grow in popularity on its’ own. So what are you waiting on? Get out there and get your site seen!

By  Andrew  Adamson

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