4 Effective Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Blog or Website

4 Effective Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Blog or Website

There are plenty of ways that you can generate traffic online. However, many owners of blogs and websites have hard time following methods that can help them bring in traffic. There are 4 effective ways in which you can easily build in traffic. It takes time and persistence, but this methods will impact your visitors chart.

4 Effective Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Blog or Website

Social Networking: When people want to connect, get to know each other, they get involved in social networking. With Social Networking you can connect with different people, and keep each other updated about your life. Lets take Facebook as an example. It has over 500 Million people who use the website. Thus, many do not miss the opportunity to advertise their website or blog. A good way you can generate massive traffic is by opening a fan page.

A fan page can be an example of celebrities. They have a page in which they keep themselves updated to their fans. Now you can do the same and open up your own fan page about what you offer on your blog or website. Than as your fans keep increasing, the traffic keeps on generating. You can also get fans through twitter which is also the same as a fan page.

Video Marketing: This is an astonishing way to build in traffic. Video Marketing can be an example of YouTube. You submit videos on YouTube and let the millions of viewers look at your video. Based on the topic that you have to make your video, find out a question that many people ask about your topic, and answer the question in a video. Choose at least 10 different questions that people ask, and make 10 different videos answering each of those questions. Do not forget to include the link to your website or blog in the description box.

Social Bookmarking: There are many sites like StumbleUpon that let you submit your website and blogs URL to and let other people see your website and blog. Social Bookmarking takes time, but it is an effective way to generate traffic. Try Stumble Upon and give a long description about what you offer online. There is a big chance that you might get over a million views.

Article Marketing: This is the most effective way to bring in traffic. All you need is a topic that you need to write about, and do it. Whatever you offer in your website or blog, choose a topic, and write an article. Article Marketing could be an example of Ezine Articles. It is the number one Article Marketing website and it lets people have the opportunity to write what they need to write about. Make sure you write about something that can help people.

By  Lily  Laird

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