Increase Blog Traffic – Targeted Web Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic – Targeted Web Traffic

Anyone blogging regularly would love to increase their blog traffic. Targeted web traffic is what every webmaster craves. The process of getting your site or blog noticed by the search engines is often referred to as SEO which stands for search engine optimization.

Increase Blog Traffic - Targeted Web Traffic

When it comes to SEO there are 100’s of methods, with in those 100’s of methods there are probably 1000’s of strategies. The most popular method of SEO would have to be Link Building. Building quality one way links back to your site or blog can be very effective in getting the search engines attention, when done correctly.

I know, not everyone that’s Blogging or doing any writing online for that matter, is doing it for a business purpose, I also know, it’s a great hobby. A lot of people write cause they feel they have a knack for it, but unfortunately no one can ever see it because it hasn’t been Search Engine Optimized or to be a little more specific, you need Backlinks. Yes, Backlinks is only part of the equation, but in my honest opinion a solid Link Building Strategy can really get the search engines attention.

Think about this, you wouldn’t be spending your valuable time working out or exercising if you knew you’d never get results, so why are you Blogging/Writing, if only a handful of people ever see it, you might as well just think it for that matter.

You need to get traffic to your Blogs and Articles if you’d like a chance of monetizing it. You can use AdSense ad’s or promote affiliate products to make some spare cash if your Blog is getting traffic too. It all comes back to traffic, and unless your paying for it, getting traffic is hard work. Building one way Backlinks to your Blog is one of the most popular methods to increase Blog traffic.

You’d be surprised to know how many “Bloggers”, holding no more than a High School Diploma are “6 Figure Income – Expert Writers” now because some Big- Wig saw something special in their content. Blogging is awesome, I still write at least a post a day. Nothing is worse than pouring your heart into something and getting nothing out of it.

Quick Personal Experience…

I love the NFL, I know a lot about it and it’s fun for me to write about it. When I first started Blogging I couldn’t get 10 visitors a day, and it killed me because I knew I had a lot to offer. I knew that anyone that actually knew football would really enjoy my Blog, but I couldn’t get it to anyone. Finally I read a report about Link Building strategies and I got to work. After about 6 weeks of blood sweat and tears and building Backlinks nearly 24/7 the traffic started to roll in.

Now, I enjoy writing about the NFL weekly and it results in a steady income for me. Is it making me rich, no far from it, just knowing my writing is what I thought it was and people are willing to pay me for it, has been very gratifying.

If you really enjoy writing, its most likely because your really good at it. Now get traffic to it! The Internet will always need content, its like gasoline it does get burned after time, and this is a fact that will never change. Start a solid Backlinking plan and get your hard work seen.

By  Hailey  James

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