Go Shopping for Better Commercial Van Cover

Go Shopping for Better Commercial Van Cover

Any business using commercial vans to conduct everyday duties must have insurance cover. It is one of those necessities of business life. Every year, the insurance provider will send a renewal notice through the post. This annual notice always places that question in mind: Renew or shop around for a better deal? The simple answer may lie in if you are looking to make some cost-saving measures facing recent difficult economic times.

Go Shopping for Better Commercial Van Cover

When the economy is flourishing, people have a tendency to never question costs. However, when times get financially tough, examining options in many areas conducting business may be a prudent decision. Insurance is one such area where alternatives producing significant cost savings might be available.

Shopping Does Produce Choices:

Although you might have a long-standing relationship with your insurance provider, shopping for an alternative may not necessarily result in a change. You may have a good deal already. But how will you know unless you make a comparison check? Situations change in time and, when times are tough, companies ratchet up the competitive juices since there is a desire to either attract or retain your business purchases.

Use your present insurance policy as a starting point for comparison. It is relatively easy these days making comparison checks by going online to get free insurance quotes. Even if you are not comfortable working online, most companies competing for your business will gladly offer a free quote over the telephone.

Multiple Quotes Needed for Good Comparison:

It is always been highly recommended when seeking comparison insurance quotes to obtain at least three. This should give you enough information for comparing like policies when submitting the same requirements and information to three potential providers. Furthermore, you can take the pricing information received and “play” it off negotiating a price with two or more companies in an attempt toward further reducing the costs.

Also, another method toward reducing premiums is to use a professional broker who has experience and contacts with many companies. Granted, companies with stellar records – no points penalties on drivers’ records and no claims history will command the best and least costly insurance premiums. But, if your company has specific insurance “challenges,” a broker may be the best path to follow since their professional experience will guide them toward a solution fitting you company’s insurance situation and protection requirements.

Why Change Providers Now?

Your present commercial van insurance provider might have been the least expensive last year but may not be the best choice at renewal time. An additional year’s “No Claim Bonus” might attract a rival company to offer you a same-type policy at a lower premium.

Some companies also offer “new customer” deals with policies offered at less-than-normal pricing in order to attract your business. Another good tip is to check with a speciality company one that only caters to businesses needing commercial van cover. Since these companies specialise, they typically try to “out” compete a standard insurance provider who does not.

The next time you see your current commercial van insurance provider’s renewal notice in you post, take just a bit of time shopping about because the rewards may be well worth your effort.

By John Benson

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