Types Of Lorry Insurance

Types Of Lorry Insurance

A recent survey from European Union revealed that the number of heavy goods vehicle such has Lorries has in fact tripled in last 5 years. With the ever increasing number of vehicles to already congested traffic will result in increased number of accidents. This is the very reason why you should consider buying a commercial insurance for your vehicle. In this article I am gone describe briefly about how to buy a lorry insurance.

Types Of Lorry Insurance

Lorry insurance or truck insurance is more or less similar to your car insurance the only difference is that this vehicle is used for commercial purpose while your car is used for more personal purpose. Hence the lorry insurance should cover that business along with the vehicle. There are many insurance providers who come up with many types of lorry insurance. It is very vital that as a lorry owner one should not fall for the tantalizing advertisements that the companies show, instead they should take some time to understand what the policy offers and only then they should invest in the policy which suits their needs.

For beginners there are basically two types of lorry insurance individual insurance and the other fleet insurance. The individual insurance policy is best suited for single lorry owners, who are using their truck for commercial purpose. There are two varieties when it comes to individual policies. The first known as the comprehensive policy which covers basically everything including accident, fire, theft, cargo damage, third party liability and also some providers cover medical expenses of the driver.

This is the most popular policy amongst all lorry owners. The second variety just deals with the third party liability meaning if your truck is involved in any accident resulting in damaging of third person property or injuring third person then the company will cover the charges. This is the most basic type of policy and is mandatory for Lorries.

Coming to the fleet insurance policy, as the name indicates this policy is for an entire fleet of vehicles. If an owner or an organization owns more than 2 Lorries then they can get their entire fleet insurance by this single policy. Fleet insurance means less of paper work and more importantly less premium to be paid. This policy is like the comprehensive policy but it covers the entire vehicle. This is the best policy available for lorry owners who own more than 2 trucks.

The best place to buy cheap lorry insurance is to buy on internet. There are many website which offer a complete detail about various lorry insurance and also they offers some amazing discounts if the insurance policy is purchased from their websites.

By   Alexis  Dean

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