Simply Speaking, Short Cuts in Sales Create Short Sales Results

Simply Speaking, Short Cuts in Sales Create Short Sales Results

Do you want to increase sales?  Of course! So what is keeping you from this desirable goal? Possibly, the answer is short cuts.

Have you considered you are engaged in taking the shortest path or what some identified as quick fix activities thinking that this will get you to your sales results quicker?  What usually happens when you take a this approach or engage in this type of behavior?.

Simply Speaking, Short Cuts in Sales Create Short Sales Results

First, you may not know the path of the short cut.  You are possibly guessing that bypassing these steps from your marketing plan to your sales process will get you more sales results in a far shorter time frame?  How has that worked for you?

Second, your this easy or quick path may be only open for a limited time. Outside factors may have contributed to the creation of this set of circumstances be it urgency on the potential customer’s part or a short term market condition.

Third, your trail may only be an illusion.  Much like the mirages of the desert to the quick rich Internet schemes, there exists an illusion that by taking these actions you will increase sales.

How can you tell if you are engaged in behaviors that are attempting to circumvent hard work?   Here are some ideas that may help you to identify those sales behaviors:

1, You fail to call all of your potential leads.  You believe by focusing on a couple of real hot sales leads you will quickly increase sales.  Sales Coaching Fact:  Almost 50% of all leads are not followed up.

  1. You fail to make more than 3 calls. After 2 calls, you think you better shorten this process and start with another lead because the potential customer (a.k.a. prospect) is not responding. Sales Coaching Fact: 80% of all sales are made between the 5th and 12th contacts.

3, You take a short cut through your sales process. Possibly you fail to:

Develop the relationship

Engage in ALL the necessary fact finding

Listen because you know it all

All of these behaviors demonstrate that you are taking the easy way and more than likely the lazy way and will leave you will short results.  If you want to increase sales, execute your sales process flawlessly by using your best sales skills. Leave rhe quick fixes for others who have the time to waste because you don’t. Who knows, you may quite surprised by your sales results.

By  Diana  Miers

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