Why Sales Success is Directly Connected to Daily Habits

Why Sales Success is Directly Connected to Daily Habits

Are your daily sales behaviors at the level necessary for sales success? Do you remember Wimpy in the Popeye carton? His come today and see you tomorrow attitude reminded me of why some sales professionals fail to achieve their sales targets.

“I’d gladly pay you on Wednesday for a hamburger today.”

Why Sales Success is Directly Connected to Daily Habits

This statement made by the character Wimpy in the cartoon series Popeye surfaced from my memory banks when I read and heard this statistic: 70% of all health care costs are directly related to behaviors. For those who are no familiar with Wimpy, he was overweight and always eating hamburgers. Not exactly the healthiest diet!

In the selling arena, success is truly about engaging in those behaviors that will increase sales. Conversely, poor behaviors will not deliver the desired results.

Sales research reveals a lot of poor behaviors such as:

40 to 70% of all targets not achieved

48% of all leads not followed up

Almost 66% of all sales people stop at the 3rd contact

So what is a behavior? Simply speaking, a behavior is an action. Repetitive actions can be described as habits. In either case whether the action is singular or repeated on a regular basis, it is the beliefs of the individuals driving those actions.

This leads to the question what beliefs are driving the habits? For some in sales, they may believe the current economic situation is terrible. This belief keeps them from making the necessary calls. Another belief may be that when a potential customer (a.k.a. prospect) does not return a phone call, then that individual is not interested. A habit develops of making just one or two phone calls or even contacts before abandoning that potential customer to find a new one.

If you goal is to increase sales, then take the time to look at your daily habits. Are you doing what you need to do (consistently) to achieve sales success?

By  Devin  Mason

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