No Business Card Simply Means No Business

No Business Card Simply Means No Business

Have you attended a business networking event or a business conference and attempted to exchange professional business cards with another professional but he or she did not have one? Were your thoughts similar to any of these:

This person is not serious about business?

No Business Card Simply Means No Business

Why is this person even here?

You have got to be kidding?

Would you leave your house without your driver’s license, the proper attire, money or your house keys? All of these items are necessary in today’s business environment. So why would you leave without your business cards?

By the way, how is business? Are you seeking to increase sales? If you answered yes, then every time you leave without your business card, you are missing a potential sales opportunity.

Professional business cards are the most essential combined marketing and selling tool of all the tools in your sales box. This small piece of cardstock is the first impression or second impression someone receives about you and your company. Why would you chance any opportunity to present less than a professional image?

One of my colleagues,  revealed in his blog that 90% of all the business cards he had collected within one year were not current. Some cards were missing current contact information while others had crossed out a telephone numbers or email addresses with the new information written in ink.

Since I have your attention about your business card, now is the time to consider any revisions from font style, contact information to including a call to action. If you leave the backside of your card blank, then you are again missing incredible opportunities. Thinking of leaving one side blank for someone to take notes is 20th century thinking. Yes, the person walking away from you may be making notes about someone or something else and not necessarily you.

To avoid not having enough business cards, then place those sales opportunity chances in your:








By having them available on or near you at all times, you will increase sales and avoid having others think that you truly do not want more business.

By    Leslie    Neal

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