How to Close a Sale in 3 Days Starting From Nothing at All

How to Close a Sale in 3 Days Starting From Nothing at All

This is a small tip that most sales people don’t realize. Would you rather fish in an overflowing pond with customers that want what you have or would you rather cold call people that need to be educated about your product? Read on to find out how you can close a sale in 3 days starting with nothing.

How to Close a Sale in 3 Days Starting From Nothing at All

The big secret here is that most sales people and small business owners pick a new idea or concept with no regard to the audience. They are not thinking about the group that they are talking to and they are not doing homework to find out if the audience is interested in the product that is being sold.

If you have to educate your audience on the necessity of your product, then you are immediately on the wrong track. Why not find a hungry crowd instead? Spend your time researching your audience. Find out what they want and what keeps them awake at night, then all you have to do is find a unique solution and give it to them. Then price barely even matters.

If you have found a hungry crowd to feed, you don’t really have to sell. All you have to do is make an introduction and create an easy way for someone to be able to make a purchase. That’s all there is to it.

Keep that in your mind the next time you are trying to “invent” the latest and greatest product for which you do not have a hungry crowd.

Take the easy route. Why make it complicated? Find a hungry crowd that is already spending money on your particular niche, solve their problem and deliver it to them on a silver platter.  This can be done really fast from start to finish.

By   Richard  Carroll

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