The Science Behind Sales

The Science Behind Sales

What makes a person decide to purchase an item? Surprisingly, it is not logic but rather emotion that guides this decision. Researchers have found most people first buy and item on impulse and then justify it later. It is gut reaction not calculations that makes a sale.

The first step to marketing a product is listening.

The Science Behind Sales

The sale must revolve around the consumer not around the seller. Listen to the consumer and seek to understand their concerns. The consumer wants to know that you care about him as a person. This will build trust, and he will be much more likely to listen to you.

Once you have understood the consumer’s needs, you are in a better position to sell your product or service. You can customize your pitch to illustrate how the consumer’s needs will be met. Consumers are only looking for things that meet their needs, so this is a crucial step in sales.

Giving away freebies will also help you make your sale. The freebie might not cost you much. However, everyone loves a free gift. It will go a long way in making you an attractive seller.

Always market a product in terms of what it does for the consumer. Consumers do not care about all the features of latest gadget. They do care about how the gadget can benefit them. Therefore, if there is a gadget that features a remote control. Don’t sell the remote control. Instead sell the convenience that the product can be controlled from anywhere in the house.

There are five main benefits consumers look for in products or services. The first is convenience. Consumers greatly value products that save effort or time. Secondly, products that save money are avidly desired. Third, people place importance on items that provide peace such as a security system. Fourth are items that boost an ego or image such as a fancy car or makeup. The last benefit consumers crave out of products is fun or enjoyment. Using these categories, find what benefits your product entails and use that toe entice consumers.

Keep in mind that benefits vary by individual. While one person might be looking to purchase a large home for their growing family another might want the home to throw lavish parties.

By  Devin  Mason

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