Why Being an Independent Consultant For a Direct Sales Company is a Great Idea

Why Being an Independent Consultant For a Direct Sales Company is a Great Idea

Many Americans have lost their jobs during this recession and are trying to figure out what they should do that would be recession proof. A lot of people are taking the risk of starting their own businesses but many people are scared to take that big of a step and are unsure how to go about doing all of that. A great solution for those wanting to be in charge of their own employment but need the help and guidance of a well established company is to be an independent consultant for a direct sales company.

Why Being an Independent Consultant For a Direct Sales Company is a Great Idea

There are many successful direct sales companies that are out there and have provided wonderful job opportunities for thousands of Americans over the years. One of the great advantages of being an independent consult for one of these companies is that you can do the job from home with the use of a computer but do not have to store any products in your home. Instead, all of the products are stored in a Houston public warehouse and shipped directly from that location using Houston 3PL methodology. This article will talk about two direct sales companies and how they continue to be so successful.

The first company to discuss is the Pampered Chef Company. This company was started by a woman in the 80’s that loved to cook and felt very strongly about the importance in the family sitting down together every night at dinner time to reconnect. With more and more women working outside the home, she was beginning to see the trend of the family dinner fall to the wayside and wanted to figure out a way to provide an opportunity for women to have a career and to be able to enjoy time with their family at mealtime as well. The company sells not only cookware items but also some food items for your pantry like spices.

They also create easy and simple recipes for the busy working mother. A Pampered Chef consultant sells these goods at a home party where she actually cooks some recipes using the products. This is a fun atmosphere that everyone enjoys and they get to sample the food afterwards which is always great. The more ambitious consultants are offered trips and prizes if they reach particular goals. As cooking style change, pampered chef continues to stay current on all of the new trends and continues to do very well.

Another similar home based direct sales company is Tastefully Simple which is a food company. This is a great idea that sells soup mixes, seasonings, bread mixes and desserts to it’s clients. Once you get a client you typically continue to have them as their food supply will run out and then they continue to order more when they need it. All of the products are shipped directly from the warehouse to the customer so the consultant does not have to handle that expense or hassle.

By  Steven  Oliver

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