Writing Ads That Work!

Writing Ads That Work!

Are you an entrepreneur who has placed your ads online and they are not making any sales? Does this sound like you? If so then maybe they need some adjusting. I will give you some important points to help you with writing those ads.

Your headline is the most important part of your ads, this is the subject line, the first thing that others will see when they read your ad.

Writing Ads That Work!

If they don’t get past the headline you will not make the sale. Make sure you have the best headline possible, one that pulls your reader in.

Are you selling the benefits? Don’t forget to add the benefits, this is what your product or service will do for others. Here are few examples of what I am talking about. Take care of your family, everyone wants to do this, so if your product can help, let them know about it, sell the benefit. How about Retire early, or take your family on that much needed vacation. Let them know this is a business opportunity if that’s what you are selling. Get out of debt this week, these are just a few powerful suggestions for you here, there are so many benefits that you can sell. So make sure they are in your ads.

How about the call to action! Are you telling them exactly what to do? Make a strong call to action, make sure you tell them exactly what to do. Click here to start making money today! Again tell them what to do or they will click away and you will lose the sale.

Is your ad to long or not long enough? Get to the point, let them know what your product or service can do for them, add the call to action and let it do the work for you. Some people think they have to go on and on about everything that their product does, do not give out too much information, this is what your web-site is for. All you want is to get the click to get them to your site.

Strong ads mean more sales and this is why you are placing them in the first place. To make money you need to get people to visit your web-site. Traffic is the bloodline to your online business. Traffic equals profit and without traffic you wont make any money.

You can either choose to let those ads keep running the way they are or to change them up, the choice is yours. Get yourself a powerful headline that pulls, sell the benefits, and tell your readers what to do when they read your ad. Don’t get carried away and make your ad a book, just let your readers know what you have and start posting those ads.

I have one more thing I want to add here today. Make sure that you are tracking those ads, if you are not doing this, then you really have no idea what s working for you. This is the only way to find out what is working and what is not.

Good Luck with driving that traffic.

By  Andrew  Adamson

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