Get Some Traffic To My Website

Get Some Traffic To My Website

Get me some traffic to my website – I hear you say!

You might have a great website – but do enough people know about it?

Getting traffic to your website does require some honest hard work – remember, the only place where success comes before work is in the Dictionary!

Get Some Traffic To My Website

However, do the work and complete all the steps (most of which are FREE) will bring you more traffic. The greater the volume of traffic = more potential to make money online!

Here are just a few of the most successful ways to get some traffic to my website…that’s your website!

  1. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a great way to make your online business stand out from the crowd. Forum users are generally net savvy and open to making online purchases. Many forum users are also respected experts and bloggers in the specific topics covered by the forum. Look for popular forums that cover your niche topic.

Effective forum marketing means that it is part of your long-term strategy. Think of forums as a permanent marketing channel for your business, instead of just one of many targets to blast your hot new advertising campaign.

The best way unfortunately is a little bit of trail and error. I would suggest you simply type in the name of your product or niche with the word forum on the end of your sentence. For example if your niche is gardening design type “gardening design forums”. Simply join the forum, comment on other posts or threads, and build a relationship and trust in that particular forum. Repeat this process in the 1000’s of other forums available in you niche. Leave out your sales pitch in the beginning. Any hint of bias in your initial posts will erase all your hard work. By keeping your answers objective, the entire community will start thinking of you as a trusted expert. They will soon start asking you for your recommendations. When you get direct inquiries for recommendations you may then safely mention your business without appearing biased.

  1. Create an email Signature

I am amazed how few people create a link to their website when they email someone – even if it is a friend. This can be very powerful! Just think how many emails you either send or respond to a day, a week, a month…..this is FREE advertising, so use it!

  1. Online Giveaways

Your squeeze page should have an auto responder and some kind of FREE GIFT. What will this do – well it will harness all your hard work for directing traffic to your website as this will capture the valuable ingredient to a sale (and future sales) – the name of the person visiting your site and the all important email address! If you are in doubt as to whether or not your squeeze page is up to what you want it to do why not have a look at my very own squeeze page. This works and what’s more – you could have the same one!!

  1. Classified Adds

Classified ads are small adverts no more than three or four lines long. In the offline world these would be placed in the classified sections of magazines or newspapers. In the online world, these ads are placed in special classified ad sites. Because classified ads are so small, you must get your message across in as few words as possible and get the reader to click a link which takes them to either your auto responder page or your sales page.

Automatic submission programs have diluted the effects of posting to most classified ads web sites, so you need to post to hundreds of sites.

Fortunately there are a few classified ad sites which will not accept automated submissions. Some have strict rules and as a result can be quite effective for promoting your site.

Here’s a list of the better classified ads sites:

  1. Video Marketing

Video marketing is not new but as a powerful marketing tool its importance to help you grow your business is now only becoming clear. Online or Web video marketing has been written about for a number of years and it is an area of marketing that still continues to evolve over time. Technologies for video production, video email and video streaming that allow businesses to add videos to their marketing mix are also maturing, making it even more important to consider video marketing no matter what your line of business.

Go Further than YouTube. While YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the web, is it really the definitive place for getting your videos viewed?. Video marketing has to be brought directly to your customers attention, when a video is streamed on your website or blog your brand recognition jumps, when a video is emailed to your customer base your open and click rates can improve by 3X.

  1. Social Networks

This is one of the most powerful tools available.

However, many people fail with Twitter and Facebook because they simply do not know how to structure a Facebook Fan Page and they launch into “sell mode” from day 1 at Twitter. These are “social” networks and as such you need to build up a relationship with your fellow “potential buyers”. This subject alone deserves a full article on it’s own to fully merit the subject. Further details are available from my website and a great friend of mine Chris Farrell provides a detailed step by step video course on how to generate 1000’s of targeted traffic to your squeeze page just from social networks.

These are just a few ways – and there are MORE, and they are EASY to implement…… SO GET TO IT!

By  Andrew  Adamson

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