New Sales Leads Generation – More Than a Numbers Game

New Sales Leads Generation – More Than a Numbers Game

Gurus have claimed: Sales is a numbers game. New lead generation, is therefore, of unparalleled importance and serves as the lifeblood of the company – the more leads acquired, the better.

Why would anyone want to deal with a heap of information about a great number of people who may not even want what you have to sell?


This is one question that is often asked by one who does not have any knowledge on how it works, and more importantly, why it is needed. Employing figures, sales from 1% of, let us say, 500,000 is indeed much more than 1% of 500. The higher the number, the better chances of making a sale.

But more than a numbers game, sales lead generation should provide qualified leads to generate sales. Qualified lead generation increases the chances of purchases for products and services, which in turn, means more revenues for the company coffers.

For instance: There are two companies that are both heavily invested in promoting an eBook on teleworking or working from home. Company A mounted a fierce tri-media campaign coupled with distribution of printed marketing materials in places frequented by their target market. Company B, on the other hand, mounted a massive internet marketing campaign starting off with the creation of a powerful sales letter within a squeeze page where visitors are enticed to opt-in to their ezine.

Sales lead generation for both companies amounted to thousands. However, it was Company B who eventually profited more. Both have the similar target customers but the difference in the strategy used resulted in a more qualified potential customer base for Company B who got a list of potential customers not just willing but also able to purchase the product being offered. They made a distinct marketing assessment that gave them the edge by clearly defining that their target market should be capable to make an instant buy on a website. The online campaign, as opposed to Company A’s offline campaign, was able to zoom in on people who are already comfortable with the process of buying on the web and how to download an eBook after a sale is made.

The example cited proves that for sales lead generation to really matter, sheer numbers or volume of leads generated is not everything. Quality is important but not everything because the bottom line will always be based on the revenues the company can and will make.

By  Jessica  Andrews

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