Bringing Leadership Team Development to Your Organization

Bringing Leadership Team Development to Your Organization

Building an organization properly requires investing in your employees. If that crucial step to successfully reaching profitability is missed, the repercussions could be enormous. So how do you bring leadership development, team building training, and the like to your organization in a way that makes the biggest impact?


First, identify the players and your goals. Who are you training, and in what capacity? Are you investing even more in your employees who excel? Is the leadership and team development you are planning geared towards under-performing individuals or groups? What is your intended objective? Are you looking to develop communication skills among peers in a technical field? Identify and build management potential among new recruits or seasoned veterans? Create an atmosphere of respect, productivity, and even fun?

Now, who do you need to get permission from in order to move forward on the training? Is that person the same as the person who has the final say on your budget? You may have to escalate your requests until you reach someone who is capable of taking the kind of action you are looking for — saying yes to allocating resources for additional training. When you find that person, your next task is to get them on board with your plan. That may require a conversation with them about the value of those services, and that conversation requires a high level of clarity about what team leadership and team development can do for you.

Next, choose a firm to provide you with the right kind of leadership team development. When searching for a company, look for one that puts less of an emphasis on strategies and tactics (that is, specific plans and actions for people to take) and puts more of a focus on giving the individuals the kind of skills that would have them demonstrate a permanent shift in the way they behave, through which actions become available that did not seem possible before.

Finally, reap the benefits of your hard work. Remember, your objective was to in some way, shape, or form enhance the abilities of the people in your organization. To what degree was your objective met? What needs to happen in the future to reach the next level of performance in your organization? What kind of team building training would make an impact? What kind of business strategy development do you have in mind to make a difference for your organization? Those are the questions that will move you forward and onward to the next level of success.

By Kevin Jones

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