Business Leadership Coaching: Its purpose in an organization

Business Leadership Coaching: Its purpose in an organization

Business Leadership Coaching is helping one’s clients find out what their task or purpose as an organization is. It may seem unimportant, but knowing this is relevant in every business. To know what your business goals are and what direction your business will take is an important aspect to know as well.

Businesses that forget their purpose may result in making bad decisions, having unhappy employees, produce dissatisfied customers and incur financial losses.

The business work statement is the answer to the business’ purpose. Therefore, the mission statement should be convincing and that each and every employee in the company will work towards that duty for the success of the company.

During Coaching leadership business sessions one must stress the importance of the mission statement. It is also encouraged that when developing the job statement every member of the assigned team shares their inputs and participates in the development of the statement. Every employee should also be asked what has made them happy and stay in the company. Inputs on what they can do to contribute to the company’s success should also be discussed.

Business leadership coaches have had difficulties in helping their clients develop their work statements. They have had a hard time expressing their thoughts and putting them into words, though some work statements I have read are written cleverly and even poetic. A tip in developing a mission statement is to keep it simple and reflective of what the company is.

The basic structure you can use for your mission statement goes like this:

Our Job is (i.e. We are here€¦) to
(one to three verbs)
(how you plan to do this by following your core values)
(who or what you will do it for).

This structure is very basic and simple and can be used by almost any business. As a business leadership coach, you may want to use it as a basis for developing or updating your own work statement for your leadership business coaching practice.

As part of your training for leadership coaching , one should make sure to attend to the business fundamentals. Helping your clients produce and follow through with their mission statements, core value lists and company vision will assist each employee in the organization to strive harder for success. This will also make your clients see you as part of the company who is with them in their journey to success.

By Kevin Jones

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