5 Ways Blog Entries Can Create a Buzz

5 Ways Blog Entries Can Create a Buzz

The success of the most popular blogs on the internet is built around their intriguing blog entries. Sure many of these sites have eye catching graphics and very cool layouts however that is not what attracts the typical blog reader back to the site itself.

It is the content they find there that is the appeal and it all starts with the blog posting itself.

Different people have different reasons as to why the may be attracted to particular entries on any site. This attraction starts with the individuality each site owner demonstrates in their postings but as the saying goes ‘different strokes for different folks’ so what may attract some will not attract others.

Let’s have a look at 5 of the most common traits a blog posting may contain that is responsible for its appeal to the ‘typical’ blog reader.


Most any popular blogs make a habit of posting useful information for their readers. Although not every post needs to be chock full of valuable ‘tidbits’ you do want to develop some consistent pattern of delivering such a post. Once your readers come to recognize this pattern they will be sure to return.


Who doe not want to laugh? On a good day or bad people are always receptive to humor and if you are able to supply that to them you have got a valuable gift.

You can reference a personal experience or perhaps something you witnessed but if it is funny most everybody will enjoy it.


People always want to know what others are thinking. Why do you suppose knowing what is in ‘fashion’ or what is generally acceptable is of importance to people?

Whether it is current news or perhaps some archaic policy let your opinion be known. You can be sure of two things when you do this; others will agree OR disagree with you. Either way you are ‘engaging’ the reader and this is exactly what you want to achieve.


If you happen to stumble across news that may be of interest to the readers of your blog post it immediately. In this way you are providing them a ‘service’ and demonstrating that you are on top of things.


Take any topic that may be of interest to your readers and add your particular ‘insight’ to it. A thought provoking post like this can encourage comments from visitors and create additional interaction on your site. This type of ‘activity’ helps create more of a community like atmosphere and a feeling of belonging. Most popular blogs foster this type of atmosphere since it further encourages involvement by everyone.

Blog entries are almost always the reason for the popularity of any given site. Readers are attracted to these entries for different reasons. Your aim I am assuming is to attract and retain visitors therefore you want your posts to be as appealing to them as possible. By consistently incorporating one or more of the 5 aforementioned traits above into your entries you can realistically become one of the most popular blogs within your niche.

By John Barney       

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