How To Be A High Potential Manager And Forward Your Business

How To Be A High Potential Manager And Forward Your Business

The manager plays a crucial role in the organization. Just like the captain of a ship, the manager steers the wheel of the organization, directing it towards success.

If he or she goes the wrong way, then the organization heads towards failure. Decision- making is the critical responsibility of a manager, and it apparently is not an easy job. Not many people get a seat behind the manager’s table. Managerial positions are not for everybody.

Nonetheless, there are mediocre managers who do not function as high potential managers. What sets a high potential manager apart? An exemplary manager is able to extract superlative productivity from their team, and this entails extraordinary managerial and leadership skills.

How Improve Your Ability To Be A High Potential Manager

As a manager, how can you increase your potential? Here are some tips.

Educate yourself well about the business.

As a manager, it is your primary responsibility to have a full understanding of the key areas of the business. You’re not supposed to say That’s not my department. It’s apt for a manager to be somewhat of a jack of all trades. This way, he or she can keep tabs on how things are and whether they’re going the way they should. A high potential manager needs to be savvy and knowledgeable about subjects concerned with the functioning of a corporate entity. He or she should be familiar with finance, marketing, operations, human resources and performance management, among others, to say the least. If you want to be a high potential manager, make means to improve your knowledge in these fields.

Be constantly focused on your organization’s vision.

The vision of your organization is the zenith of all its years of experience and existence. All throughout the time of the organization’s existence, previous managers have contributed to the realization of the vision as well. As a manager, you are in the position to change some of the company’s conventions, but you need to keep your focus on the vision. What strategies will you employ and how are you going to execute them? The more challenging the goals, the more effort and planning you need to implement the strategies.

Improve your core competencies.

As a manager, you need to boost the necessary fundamental management skills of decision-making, people management, strategy planning and implementation, problem solving, instigating change and so on.


A manager is a leader of a group of people, and he or she cannot function on their own. To be a high potential manager, you need to communicate effectively with your people. Furthermore, to forward your organization, it is essential that you make liaisons with other high potential managers in the industry as well.

By John Barney       

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