The Second Step in Sales

The Second Step in Sales

This second step in sales is about the immortal on-liner: “the offer you can not refuse.”

There are two or more views on sales. The individual view in which the professional sales representative is able to persuade the next deal.


The other view is one in which corporations manage the sales process. Both sales activities have in common that the way in which this process is managed defines the success of the sales.

Targe corporations that depend heavily on sales will try to select the best sales representatives. Yet this is (apparently) not enough. To be successful in sales requires a sophisticated method. And the offer you can not refuse is an important second step.

There are many reasons why you cannot refuse the offer. One is that you are not really aware that the offer is part of the deal. For example when you buy your internet package at home the offer includes a “FREE” virus scan. The only thing the buying customer needs to do is cancel this part of the deal after three month after which he will be charged. The virus scan is no longer free. If you let go you are stuck with something you didn’t ask for.

Other offers you cannot refuse include all those little presents that will pull you over (the barrier). By accepting such a small and handy gift — you would never have bought yourself, but comes in very neat — you have emotionally unveiled yourself for the next step. This is for the real bonus you have to pay for. And you will.

Many additional examples fit in this step, including all those where you offer a discount if the prospect … acts soon, preferably right now.

But the essence of this step and of the other two steps of the general sales process is that organizing is all. It is the method that does it. Therefore you have to be prepared so that you can show the potential customer the way.

By  John Hester

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